Maralee Dawn

Maralee Dawn is a multi talented author, recording artist, ventriloquist, producer and host of an award-winning  children's television series, Maralee Dawn & Friends. And now most recently, host of the television series Passionate Women.  Maralee spent five years with Campus Crusade for Christ  Canada, now called Power To Change, developing outreach programs for children and she has seven years experience as a children's pastor.  She organizes annual mission trips and encouraging both youth and adults to join her in conducting crusades, teaching and mentoring abroad.  These trips have proven to be an encouragement to the missionaries and an inspiration to those who invest in missions.  Maralee brings a passion and integrity to evangelism and missions that is supported by decades of crusades, church ministry, and television. Her personal story, ministry experience, and skill as a communicator, make her a highly sought-after featured guest.


Invite Maralee to Speak

Evangelist Maralee Dawn speaks or preaches, on a variety of topics of interest including sensitive issues such as the church's response to domestic violence. Other topics include headship, equality, and childhood sexual abuse recovery.

Maralee's Bible based messages include:

Living Your Dream and Releasing Your Passion  Explore what may be hindering your dreams and embrace change that will release supernatural power and passion in your personal life and ministry. 

From Hell to Hope  Maralee's personal story of her burn experience and miraculous recovery.

World Changing Grandmothers Maralee Dawn, a grandmother, weaves the stories of Eunice, Lois and Anna and motivates women to pray and experience change their world.

Crossing No Man's Land to a Place of Safety True stories of courageous women who have explored truth and embraced freedom.




"Maralee may God continue to multiple and bless your global dynamic ministry! Let's reach the digital generation." - Lorne Cunningham, Founder of YWAM

"Maralee is a very creative, passionate and sincere individual." - Peter Fassbender, Mayor of the City of Langley, BC, Canada

"Maralee's knowledge of God's word, down-to-earth attitude and ability to empathize with people from different backgrounds and cultures allow the people especially children and women, to find hope, courage, strength, and healing. Moreover, through her ministry, people are empowered, saved, and encouraged." - Travis Large, Senior Pastor at Milpitas Community Church, Milpitas, California, USA

"Maralee Dawn is a person who strives to teach viewers and explore new avenues of gospel
outreach while demonstrating a spirit of excellence." - Gordon Klassen, Vice-President of Corporate Affairs at CJIL-TV The Miracle Channel



Ordained Minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
Member of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)
Member of International Christian Visual Media (ICVM)
International Director for Women in Christian Media (WCM)
Founding member of Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI)
Past vice-president of Alberta Christian Writers' Fellowship
Graduated Columbia School of Radio and Television Broadcasting
Diploma from Institute of Children's Literature  (Writing for Children and Teenagers)
Named in National Register's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals (2007).  Registered at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC
Certificate from Biblical Counseling Institute on Confrontation (2007)
Certificate from Biblical Counseling Institute – Childhood Sexual Abuse & Rape Recovery (2008)
Certified training  Peace and Safety in the Christian Home (PASCH) – The Church’s Response to Domestic Violence


2005 – Best Children's Series for Maralee Dawn and Friends Series 2
2008 – Best Children's Show for “Heroes, A Cape, and the Big Fight”, Maralee Dawn and Friends Series 4, Show 8
2008 – Best Children's Series for Maralee Dawn and Friends Series 4


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